Amaro Liqueur Substitute

amaro substitute

Amaro liqueur is an herbal bittersweet flavor drink with a varying alcohol content of 16 – 40%. It is an Italian digestif that has different brands with varying strengths and flavors. Irrespective of the brand, the bittersweet flavor is a common feature in all of them.

5 Best Amaro Liqueur Substitutes To Consider

To serve amaro in your event, you need to buy it from local liquor shop or order it online. Some popular brands are Campari, Fernet Branca, and Aperol. However, if you cannot get the immediate brand, there are reliable substitutes for you.

Read on as we pull together amaro substitutes that can make your cocktail a memorable one.

1. Chartreuse


Chartreuse is a French liquor that is a good substitute for amaro liqueur. It has a sweet and strong taste that is spicy and pungent too. The flavour of this herbal liquor drink is comparable with Galliano or Liquor Strega.

The taste and alcohol content of this yellow and green color drink differs in strength. The yellow version is milder and lower in alcohol content. You can serve on ice or at normal room temperature.

It is less bitter than amaro and can be featured in classic cocktails. You can mix it with other recipe with few drops because of the strong flavour.

2. Gammel Dansk

Gammel Dansk

Gammel Dansk is an herbal alcoholic drink that is originally produced in Denmark. There are more than 20 different spices and herbs that form the recipe for this strong drink. Some of the spices are ginger, Seville, star anise, and cinnamon.

Gammel Dansk is suitable for festive activities, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and after meals. It is a nice substitute for amaro liqueur. Using this product as your amaro substitute is one of the best choices you can make.

3. Bonal Gentiane Quina

This is a liqour that consists of different spices and herbs. It has a bitter taste with composite flavor profile. The whisky has quina that gives it bitter flavour similar to most brands of amaro liqueur.

Bonal Gentiane quina has a strong taste of licorice, cherry, and plum. It has a color that depicts a burnt brown-olive. The color may affect the color of the final product. It also has a reinvigorated wine base that makes the taste unique.

4. Vermouth


The exceptional about this whisky is that it is a wine-base instead of grain-base. It has the same flavour as amaro, which makes it a better substitute. The liquor consists of different spices like allspice and star anise.

We have different brands of vermouth in market. Look into the ingredient that are there in any brand before selecting it. Classic cocktails you can make using vermouth are Negroni, Manhattan, and martini.

5. Cynar


Cynar is another substitute for amaro liqueur with dark brown color. The alcohol content of this liquor is 16.5%. It consists of 13 different plants and herbs. Artichoke is a major plant that constitutes the flavour of the drink.

Cynar 70 is another brand that has more alcohol content than the normal Cynar. It has darker and deeper flavor than the normal Cynar.


Using Amaro liquor for party with friends and love ones is a good decision to make. However, importing this Italian liquor may be very expensive.

If you are considering of using an amaro substitute, Chartreuse, Gammel Dansk, Cynar, Bonal Gentiane, and Vermouth are fantastic options.

Though there are differences, but the common feature among all of the is the bittersweet flavor of these tasty liqueurs.