Starry Night Shot

starry night drink

Starry Night Shot Recipe

The Starry Night Shot is a delicious and visually stunning cocktail that is perfect for any festive occasion.

The combination of blue curaçao and black vodka creates a deep blue color reminiscent of a starry night sky, while the sweet and tangy flavor of the pineapple juice and sour mix balance out the strong alcohol content.

Yield: 1 Shot

Starry Night Shot Recipe

starry night drink

A visually appealing drink that can be a cocktail or a shot.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 3/4 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
  • 3/4 oz Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps


  • Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Shot Glass


    1. fill a shaker with ice.
    2. Add the two alcohols to the shaker.
    3. Shake the mixture vigorously for 5 seconds.
    4. Strain the mixture into a shot glass.
    5. Serve and enjoy!

    Nutrition Information:



    Serving Size:

    1.5 ounces

    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 49Total Fat: 0g

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    The Starry Night Shot was created in the early 2000s, and quickly became a popular drink due to its unique color and flavor. The black vodka used in the recipe is a relatively new addition to the liquor market, and was first introduced in the late 1990s.

    Drink Type: Shot

    Glass: Shot glass

    Serving Size: 1.5 oz

    Alcohol Content: 30% ABV

    Nutritional Information (per serving):

    • Calories: 49
    • Carbohydrates: 6g
    • Fat: 0g
    • Protein: 0g
    • Sugar: 5g
    • Sodium: 4mg

    The Starry Night Shot has a deep blue color that resembles a starry night sky. The addition of edible glitter on top creates a sparkling effect that adds to the drink’s visual appeal.

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    • Electric Blue Lemonade: Serve the same ingredients as a cocktail in a tall glass over ice, topped with lemon-lime soda.
    • Blue Hawaiian: Use rum instead of vodka, and add coconut cream for a tropical twist.

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