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Best Electric Coffee Grinders

Unfortunately not all of us can afford to buy the best $400 burr coffee grinder just to feed our caffeine addiction, so what is the best option for those of use who want the great taste of freshly ground coffee at an affordable price?

Do a search on Amazon and you’ll find a wide variety of grinder at a range of prices but it is always difficult to make a choice on which to buy if you don’t have experience using a certain type of product. In our search for a quality electric coffee grinder we can quickly discard those which are not burr grinders.

Burr coffee grinders are a level above those which use blades to chop up your beans and are the only choice of someone who is serious about brewing good coffee at home.

The burr coffee grinder is renowned for being an expensive purchase but if you have a look on amazon you will find many models which retail from as little as $30. Such a low price will hopefully set off warning signals if you are in the market for a quality model.

Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder Review

The Krups Expert GVX231 is a case in point. You can pick one up for £35 but what you get for your money is something that isn’t going to keep you happy when you start to use it. This is especially true if you have an espresso machine at home and are looking for a grinder which can grind your beans to a fine enough consistency that the coffee will be delivered nice and slow with a thick cream.

Not sure what an espresso maker is? Check out our article on espresso maker vs coffee maker here.

I’m convinced that for this price it would be impossible to build a machine that was capable of providing a grind which was suitable for espresso machine use. If you are just looking for something to make a course grind for a caffitierre coffee then this model will do a good enough job but for an extra fine result you are better looking elsewhere.

What’s wrong with the Krups Expert GVX231 (and most other burr coffee grinders at this price point)?

1. The machine struggles noticeably when you ask it to grind beans fine enough for an espresso coffee machine.

2. The bean feeder doesn’t do a good job of delivering beans to be ground meaning you have to give the machine a shake every so often

2. The amount of coffee that the grinder feeds into your portafilter is variable meaning you have to judge the correct volume for yourself.

Its not that the Krups coffee grinder is a particularly bad piece of equipment, it really does a fine job for the money you pay. Its just that when we are looking for something a little bit special we need to be willing to reach deeper into our pockets.

Dualit Coffee Grinder Review

The Dualit Burr Grinder is a much better choice for anyone who wants great value in their purchase. At twice the price of the Krups machine it can’t exactly be called cheap but in terms of build quality and ability to grind coffee beans its way ahead of most of its competition.

I have to admit that I’ve got a bit of a mental block when it comes to espresso making equipment when it isn’t made in Italy. I know its a bit ridiculous in this day and age, any company from any country has the potential to produce a fine electric coffee grinder. But I’m a creature of habit and like to stick with what I know. That’s why was such a surprise to me that the Dualit coffee grinder did such a fine job at producing a quality of grind that could be successfully used in an espresso machine.

What’s Good about the Dualit?

1. Capable of grinding your beans nice and fine just the way they need to be if you are going to make a perfect espresso.

2. Great build quality for the price – You can really tell the difference in price when using this in comparison to something like the Krups.

3. Great Value – You’ll be hard pushed to find a grinder that can do as good a job at such a low price.

If you have just over £100 to spend on an electric coffee grinder than you can’t go wrong with the Dualit. They also make some reasonably efficient espresso machine which will make a decent coffee for a budget price.

There are so many exceptionally good cafes in the US now that we have all become accustomed to drinking the best coffee. There are now very few towns that don’t have cafe where you can have an espresso or cappuccino created by an expert Barista if you know where to look.

The negative aspect of this is that we are now totally unsatisfied whenever we return home and have nothing to drink except the jar of freeze-dried “coffee” lying in the cupboard.

The solution to this problem is reasonably simple, we need to buy ourselves a the best small coffee maker we can find that will compare to those used on commercial premises. Thankfully there are now plenty of these machines available from retailers in the US although you’ll need to be careful and do a little research to ensure you get something worthwhile. In addition you’ll want to get a coffee grinder to go with your machine to get the most from it.

You might be asking if a coffee grinder is absolutely essential but anyone who has ever had one at their disposal when making coffee will know the best grinders are worth every penny of the outlay. If you want to make the finest cup of coffee possible from the beans you have available its essential you grind them yourself. Only in this way will you experience the best possible flavor from your coffee beans.

Ground coffee beans which are left to sit before use will quickly start to lose their flavor which is why it is false economy to purchase freshly ground coffee from a local retailer rather than buy an expensive grinder. By the time you get round to using the ground coffee it will never taste as good as it should. Of course if you must resort to buying your coffee ready ground then buy in small quantities and often and learn to store it to hold on to as much freshness as possible.

So if you are serious about your coffee you’ll realize how important it is to get your hands on a high quality coffee grinder and be willing to make the financial sacrifices to get one which does justice to your coffee beans. The question is which type, and more importantly, which particular model of coffee grinder is it worth spending your hard earned cash on?

De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder Review

The De’Longhi KG79 proclaims to be a professional grinder, but can a machine available for under $50 do the job as well as something you would find in your local coffee shop? You wouldn’t think so, but let’s take a look to find out for ourselves.

De’Longhi KG79 Burr Grinder Specifications

  • Product weight: 1.5 kilos
  • Dimensions: 13 x 16 x 26 cm
  • 120g bean capacity
  • Cup selector and separate grind selector dials
  • Transparent bean container and top lid
  • Transparent and removable powder container

What we like about the De’Longhi Grinder:

  1. This is a well build grinding machine when the cost is taken into consideration
  2. Coffee is ground fine enough for most uses except espresso
  3. It’s a nice size if you don’t have too much space on your counter top

What we don’t like so much:

  1. The consistency of the grinds is not what you would expect if you are used to using more expensive coffee grinders.
  2. The De’Longhi won’t grind your beans fine enough for a good espresso out of the box. There is however a hack you can do to get it to do this job
  3. The ground coffee is more difficult to access than it should be. You have to take out the container and then remove it’s lid. It’s a bit of a carfuffle compared to many of the more expensive grinders on the market
  4. This machine is quite noisy when doing it’s work
  5. Some more work could have been put into the instruction manual to make it more useful to the inexperienced coffee brewer


The De’Longhi is a proficient for the price charged but if you are looking for a machine to give you the perfect ground coffee to make excellent espresso then you would be better spending more cash to get one of the higher quality grinders we have reviewed on this site.

If you only intend to use a percolator or a stove top coffee maker then this little affordable grinder could be just what you are looking for.

Cuisinart Professional Burr Coffee Mill Review

The Cuisinart has been one of the best selling coffee grinders on over the last 6 years thanks to it’s high quality build and attractive pricing. Can this model still live up to it’s reputation when the competiters have been consistently improving the products they put on the market? Let’s take a look and find out.

The Cuisinart Grinder’s Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 22 x 31 cm
  • 18 grind settings
  • Easy to clean including some dishwasher safe components
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Weight: 2.4 kilos
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee

Cuisinart is a name which is very well known for producing top quality kitchen accessories, especially in the area of food processing equipment. They make products which are built to last and that is obvious when you feel the weight in this coffee grinder. The stainless steel construction and weight in it leave you in no doubt that this machine will be in your kitchen over the long term. You only have to look at the 5 year warranty provoided by the manufacturer to understand they sell equipment which is designed for the long haul.

Of course the most important thing about a home coffee grinder is how well it grinds your beans. Here are the things we like about the Cuisinart coffee grinder, and the things we would like to see improved.

What we like about the Cuisinart grinder:

  1. For the price of the Cuisinart it is hard to believe how good the coffee is ground. Even creating perfect espresso at home is possible with the use of this mill and the appropriate coffee machine. You will find that your espresso has a thick crema just like the one you get in your favorite Italian bar
  2. Easy to select how fine you would like your beans ground each time for a consistent end product
  3. Easy to clean as most of the removable parts can be thrown in the dishwasher. The hopper also comes off nice and easy allowing you to clean the grinder without too much trouble
  4. Beans are not heated during the grinding process like with many cheaper ginders which serves to retain the flavor without burning the fragile oils

What’s not so great about the Cuisinart?

  1. This grinder is a little noiser than we would like. This is something most of us would be able to live with if we are only grinding enough beans for a few cups of coffee each day, others may find this “feature” a little too annoying over the long term
  2. Some consumers have complained they couldn’t get the beans to grind fine enough to make an espresso with a crema. To be honest I get the impression this is because they don’t know how to use both the grinder, or their espresso machine.


This is a burr coffee grinder which has stood the test of time thanks to it’s peerless quality at this price point. Cuisinart have obviously put a lot of effort into making a machine which would not only do the job it was created for but would do so with style. Consumers know that when they spend their money on a product from this company they aren’t going to have to replace it after six months of light use.

Thankfully the coffee making abilities live up to it’s other attributes and you can be sure that when you purchase one of these you getting a grinder which cannot be beat without spending a fair amount of extra cash.

Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder Review

This Dualit 75015 is a replacement model for the very popular 75002 burr coffee grinder by the same manufacturer. It is a mid-price device with a retail price of just under $100. For anyone who is serious about making good coffee at home this has got to be about the minimum you should be willing to spend, but does this grinder up to the fine reputation of it’s predecessor?

The Specs for the 75015 are as follows:

  • Hopper capacity: 250g of coffee beans. 10 different dose sizes.
  • 10 grind settings for anything from espresso to percolator coffee.
  • Slower grind action to minimise heat and prevent burning of the natural coffee oils.
  • Removable burrs for easier cleaning
  • Dimensions : 27 x 14.45 x 19cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kilos

The first thing you notice when you take the 75015 out the box is that it has been extensively redesigned since it’s previous incarnation. Whereas the old model was starting to look a little aged when compared to the likes of the KitchenAid burr grinder, this new one looks good enough that you will be happy to leave out on display on your kitchen counter.

What we like about the Dualit 75015

  1. Very easy to get started as soon as you have it out the packaging
  2. When set up correctly it’s capable of giving you ground coffee which can be used successfully in an espresso machine to create an excellent end product
  3. Will grind your coffee to a consistent standard, and will do so very quickly
  4. Reasonable quite for a quality burr grinder
  5. Produces very good results when the price is taken into consideration
  6. Will give you the ground coffee you need no matter which method of extraction you are using

What’s not so great about this burr grinder?

  1. The finest grind possible on this machine might not be fine enough for people who like to make very strong coffee on an espresso machine capable of operating at a high pressure
  2. Can be a little difficult to clean the burrs


For the price paid this is an excellent coffee grinder which will do most home Baristas proud if they take the time to set it up properly. While it’s never going to produce a ground coffee as fine as a Mazzer you will be able to produce something which most people won’t be able to tell apart from the espresso from the local Costa. If you are using it with an espresso machine just make sure it’s good enough to do the ground coffee justice.

Those of you who are looking for a grinder to make cafetiere coffee should look no further, this is the perfect device for your needs.

KitchenAid Artisan Burr Coffee Grinder Review

If you have up to £200 to spend on a high quality coffee grinder which really looks the part in a modern kitchen then this burr grinder from KitchenAid is certainly worth a look. At £169 it might be a bit on the expensive side for most home brewers but as we all know, sometimes you have to pay top dollar for coffee shop quality coffee. Let’s take a look to see if this model lives up to it’s price tag.

Specifications of the KitchenAid Burr Grinder:

  • All metal construction
  • 15 grind settings
  • Glass grind container with 241 gram capacity
  • Size: 30cm deep, 34cm high, 15cm wide
  • Weight: 5 kilos
  • 2 year guarantee

What we like about the KitchenAid Coffee Grinder

  1. It has a beautiful design which will look great on any kitchen counter top
  2. This is a top quality grinder made from the finest materials. The manufacturer has cut no corners when designing this model with stainless steel and glass used in abundance to deliver a product which as a feel of real quality about it
  3. Powerful motor and stainless burrs ensure the best possible results
  4. The ground coffee produced by the KitchenAid 5KCG100 makes excellent coffee when combined with a high quality espresso machine
  5. Easy to use thanks to it’s well thought out design and the informative instruction manual

What we don’t like so much about the KitchenAid Grinder

  1. The price tag will be too high for many coffee lovers
  2. Because of it’s high quality construction this is a heavy grinder at 5kg so you will want to keep it in one place rather than store it out of the way when not in use. For this reason you will need sufficient permanently free counter space
  3. The glass grind container, while beautiful to look at and hold, is a little fragile and could easily be smashed if you aren’t careful
  4. Some user report they can’t get the grinder to grind fine enough to be used in an espresso machine. We haven’t encountered this problem but it could be down to variations in the build quality.


There’s no way around it, this KitchenAid burr grinder is an expensive beast, and costs more than many people will be willing to spend. If you are willing to stump up the cash for this grinder though you are going to be rewarded with a machine which is miles ahead of most of the domestic products on the market. It produces grounds which as consistent enough to ensure you an make a great cup of coffee every time. Whether you are using an espresso machine of a stove top coffee maker this is a device which you should definitely consider even if you have to stretch your budget to be able to afford it. Even though the price is high, the KitchenAid offer the quality conscious consumer a good value buy.

Krups Twin Blade Coffee Grinder Review

Is a £30 grinder the answer from someone who wants to prepare the best possible coffee in their own kitchen? The Krups expert attempts to provide just that but let’s see if a device which has been on the market for over 7 years live up to the promise?

Krups Expert Product Specifications

  • Select from 17 fineness options
  • Grind beans for up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Removable ground coffee container with safety lid
  • Removable upper burr
  • Weight: 2 kilos
  • 225g bean capacity

What we like about the Krups Expert Grinder

  1. Gives an even grind for a machine in this price range
  2. Is a fast and efficient grinder
  3. It’s very small so it’s won’t take up much room in your kitchen
  4. Makes a reasonable espresso considering it’s such a bargain grinder

What could be improved with this Krups

  1. Beans can occasionally get stuck during the grinding process – The user has to shake the machine in these instances to get the machine to do it’s job
  2. Ground coffee has a tendency to stick to the sides of the collection container because of excess static
  3. The build quality of these coffee grinders is at the level you would expect for such a low price. You will probably be buying a new grinder in a couple of years when this one burns out
  4. Has trouble grinding some larger coffee beans
  5. It can take a few attempts to get the grind just right for the type of coffee you are making but once it is set you should have no trouble getting a perfect grind.
  6. Can be a little messy when it comes to getting the ground coffee from the grinder to your coffee maker
  7. If you are looking for top quality espresso coffee then you will have to look elsewhere


The Krups Expert is a great grinder considering it’s rock bottom price and perfect as an every day coffee bean cruncher for those of you looking to enjoy good quality coffee without too much hassle. Obviously the true coffee geeks out there will want spend a fair bit more to buy something which delivers the best possible results and is more prestigious.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

For grinding larger quantities of coffee beans for a coffee-drinking crowd, Capresso’s commercial-grade Infinity grinder handles 8-1/2 ounces of beans at a time. Sixteen different settings–four each in the four categories of extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse–let you adjust the grind to the specific blend of coffee and method of brewing. The finest setting is ideal for preparing Turkish coffee, which is a rare feature to find in a grinder. A built-in timer sets the grind for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds so you can walk away without having to constantly press a button to continue the grinding process. The Infinity has an advanced conical burr design made of steel that is usually only found on commercial grinders. This burr design slows down the gears and reduces the amount of friction and heat to preserve coffee’s flavor and aroma. The coffee container holds up to 4 ounces of grounds and remains sealed during grinding. For safety, the bean container also needs to be locked into place for the Infinity to operate. For easy cleaning, the bean container and upper burr lift off so you can clean the grinding chamber with the included brush and wipe down the heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing.

Smart and elegant, the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder has a timeless and stylish design. Commercial-grade solid steel conical burrs preserve maximum aroma and grind precisely from Turkish fine to coarse.


  • 100-Watt Conical Burr Grinder
  • 16 Grind settings
  • Commercial-grade conical burrs ensure maximum coffee flavor
  • 8-1/2 ounce Bean Container
  • 4 ounce Grounds Container
  • Heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing
  • Built-in timer
  • Easy clean-up
  • 1-year limited warranty

Height 10.8″ Width 5.4″
Depth 7.7″ Weight 4 lbs

Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder

The Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder has anti-static technology. It’s has a stainless steel & polymer base with start and stop control, as well as an on/off switch. It has a removable bean hopper that hold 1/2 pound of coffee beans. The Grind adjustable settings go from ultra fine to coarse. This model is beautifully designed with polished steel and black accents.

The BCG450XL burr grinder features adjustable settings for various grind options. Choose from ultra-fine for Turkish coffee or large and coarse for percolators. The settings offer consistently shaped grinds and even extraction, which is the key to producing flavorful coffee. In addition, the unit’s metal conical burrs preserve more natural bean flavor than blade drivers due to the slower grind nature. Other highlights include a variable timer with 10 to 30 seconds of grind time, anti-static technology, and a removable burr for convenient cleaning.


  • Conical burr grinder with ultra-fine to coarse adjustable settings
  • Variable timer with 10 to 30 seconds of grind time
  • Removable bean hopper holds 1/2 pound of coffee beans
  • Stainless-steel/polymer base offers start and stop control
  • On/off switch

Height 11.25″ Width 7″
Depth 5.25″ Weight 5.4 lbs

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

A stylish grinder for the serious coffee buff, this Cuisinart Supreme Grind automatic burr mill provides plenty of options and good results in an attractive and tidy structure. This makes it a great appliance for houses where coffee is a steady dietary staple and preferences vary from espresso to French drip. Outfitted with a heavy-duty motor, the machine has 18 grind settings ranging from fine to extra-coarse, which are controlled by a clearly marked, pleasantly clicking dial. Rotate the hopper to personal preference, and the machine does the rest, using burr plates for a highly uniform grind that protects bean oils and releases more flavor. Automatic operation in this grinder covers quantity as well–simply set the amount slide control anywhere from 4 to 18 cups. The grinder shuts off when the desired level is reached. Transfer of ready grounds to a coffee pot or espresso group is quick and tidy, because the grind chamber slides out with its clever lid in place.

Smart and elegant, the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder has brushed stainless steel housing and black accents in durable plastic. The hopper, hopper lid, grinding burr, and grind chamber all remove easily for cleanup, and a safety feature keeps the grinder from operating without the hopper and chamber in place.


  • Elegantly styled, heavy-duty, automatic coffee mill
  • Burr grinding mechanism for uniform grounds and optimum flavor
  • 18-position grind selector, from ultra fine to coarse
  • Slide dial from 4 to 18 cups
  • Capacious grounds chamber with lid
  • 18-month warranty

Height 12.4″ Width 7.6″
Depth 8.7″ Weight 5.3 lbs

KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Grinder

The KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Grinder, model KPCG100OB, provides real freshness for the true coffee connoisseur. This classic-style grinder provides optimal aroma and flavor for your coffee, grinding beans to your preferred fineness level with precision stainless steel burrs.

For the serious home coffee grinder this KitchenAid product is arguably the best one on the market today. It is very quiet, easy to clean and looks great on your countertop due to its superior styling. It is also very well and ruggedly built which makes it a great value that will meet all your coffee grinding needs for many years to come.


  • Die Cast Metal Construction
  • Precision Stainless Steel Cutting Burrs
  • 15 Selectable Grinds for a Wide Variety of Coffee Beverages
  • Glass Hopper & Coffee Bin
  • Low RPM Operation
  • Simple Burr Access
  • Burr Cleaning Brush
  • Easy to Clean
  • 2 Year Hassle Free Replacement Warranty

Height 13.5″ Width 6.0″
Depth 10.3″ Weight 10 lbs

Capresso CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

This one has got it all! The Capresso CoffeeTeam GS is a fully programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker/Conical Burr Grinder Combination. Professional, solid-steel conical burrs have 5 grinder settings from coarse to fine for adjustable coffee strength. The slow burr grinding imparts minimal heat, preserving more aroma and flavor. There is a 6-ounce capacity bean container and a see-through window that allows you to check that ground coffee flows smoothly into the filter holder. There is a detachable see-through cover for easy cleaning of the grinder channel. The Digital Control Panel has an easy to read illuminated LCD display, Programmable Clock/Timer, 5 programmable brew amounts for 2-10 cups, and 3 programmable coffee strength settings; mild, medium and strong. There are 2 Mode settings: Grind/Brew – for grinding programmed amount of whole beans directly into the Gold Tone Filter, then automatically starts the brew process and Brew – push the filter release button to open the swing out filter holder, add ground coffee without using the grinder. Charcoal water filtration removes up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities from tap water. The filter holder and one charcoal filter are included.


  • Fully programmable 10-cup coffeemaker with built-in conical burr grinder
  • Digital control panel
  • 5 grind settings from coarse to fine
  • 5 brew amounts
  • 6-ounce bean container
  • Adjustable strength selection
  • Clock and timer
  • Brew-pause function
  • Brew with or without the grinder
  • 2-hour auto shut-off for safety
  • water filter included
  • 900-watt Power output
  • Color: Black with stainless-steel accents

Height 15.2″ Width 9.2″
Depth 9.2″ Weight 11 lbs

Wrapping It Up…

You might be asking if a coffee grinder is absolutely essential but anyone who has ever had one at their disposal when making coffee will know the best grinders are worth every penny of the outlay. If you want to make the finest cup of coffee possible from the beans you have available its essential you grind them yourself. Only in this way will you experience the best possible flavor from your coffee beans.

Ground coffee beans which are left to sit before use will quickly start to lose their flavor which is why it is false economy to purchase freshly ground coffee from a local retailer rather than buy an expensive grinder.

By the time you get round to using the ground coffee it will never taste as good as it should. Of course if you must resort to buying your coffee ready ground then buy in small quantities and often and learn to store it to hold on to as much freshness as possible.

So if you are serious about your coffee you’ll realize how important it is to get your hands on a high quality coffee grinder and be willing to make the financial sacrifices to get one which does justice to your coffee beans.

The question is which type, and more importantly, which particular model of coffee grinder is it worth spending your hard earned cash on?